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Botox Treatment for Men in San Jose, CA

Men can remove fine, lines, wrinkles, crows feet among other facial lines with Botox. Dr. Kim at ShotDoc has 15 years of experience in the injectable industry. View a refreshed and invigorated “you” after your sessions with Dr. Kim. Call us or book an appointment online today!

Botox Treatment for Men in San Jose, CA

Can men receive Botox treatments?

Absolutely! Men can and do receive Botox treatments, just as women do. Men, however, typically go for Botox in the areas around their brows and eyes, usually three to four times a year – which is about where the similarities between men and women with Botox treatments end. The taboo against men getting cosmetic procedures done is breaking down, with many famous men admitting to undergoing Botox treatment to help them fight the signs of aging, improve their self-esteem, and help them maintain an edge in what can sometimes be an ageist workforce.

How much does a Botox injection cost?

The cost of Botox is determined by the number of units used in the treatment. The average cost of a single cosmetic Botox treatment typically can go for anywhere between $250 and $500 on average, with the cost per unit of Botox working out to $10 to $15. Depending on what wrinkles and fine lines you are having treated – or if you are looking for preventative Botox treatments – will have an impact on the cost of your Botox treatment.

How many units of Botox will I need?

A variety of factors inform what amount of Botox will be needed for your treatment, which may include the size and strength of your muscles and which muscles are being treated. Different areas of the face have different recommended ranges, so it is important that you discuss with your practitioner beforehand which area you are having treated and how many units of Botox they recommend.

For men, the typical treatment area include around the eyes, meaning the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles known more commonly as crow’s feet. Typically, the recommended range of Botox units for crow’s feet is between 6 to 15, which will be affected by several factors that your practitioner will take into account before beginning treatment.

If you are interested in Botox treatment – whether preventative or to treat existing signs of aging – then you should speak with your practitioner and arrange a consultation to discuss what your goals are and how many units of Botox are appropriate for you.

What should I do after receiving Botox treatment? What should I not do?

The following are a guideline of what you should and should not do following a Botox treatment. If you have further questions or concerns, speak with your practitioner for a full list of recommendations following your Botox procedure.

  • For two hours after your treatment, remain upright to avoid pressure in the area and to also avoid increasing blood flow to the treated area, which may result in your Botox dispersing and diminishing the length of its effectiveness.
  • Move the injected areas in the first hour following treatment by making exaggerated facial expressions, as this helps the Botox reach all of the areas and cells that it needs to in order to increase its effectiveness.
  • Avoid excessive heat for forty-eight hours following treatment; you should also avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol, sun beds, and saunas, which can cause increased blood flow, which may diminish your Botox treatment’s effects and will have an affect on how long your treatment will last.
  • Do not apply any spray tans for at least six hours following treatment to avoid the possible risk of an infection.
  • When you cleanse or wash your face, avoid placing any pressure on the treated areas so as to allow the Botox to remain in place and allow it to reach and permeate the cells that it needs to in order to achieve your desired affects.
  • For the two weeks following your Botox treatment, avoid any of the following: facial massages, facial electric stimulation, dermaroller, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion.

If you are interested in Botox injection to help improve your self-esteem and to help fight the visible signs of aging, visit us at ShotDocMD. We are located at 2242 Camden Ave, Unit 105, San Jose, CA 95124; you can book your appointment online on our website or call us.

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