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KYBELLA® for Double Chin Treatment in San Jose, CA

If You Are Wanting to Get Rid of Your Double Chin, KYBELLA® May Be Right for You! The Experts at ShotDocMD Are Ready to Help You Get Rid of That Stubborn Fat. We Are Conveniently Located at 2242 Camden Ave. Unit 105 San Jose, CA 95124. Contact Us for More Details at (408) 840-4561.

KYBELLA® for Double Chin Treatment San Jose CA

KYBELLA® is the only nonsurgical, FDA-approved answer for eliminating the “double chin.”

Genetics, aging and weight gain are some of the causes of the double chin. In survey, up to 67% of people are bothered by the excess fat under the chin and neck area. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, the fat in the submental area is difficult to eliminate…until now!

KYBELLA® is a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring material, that helps the body break down and metabolize fat. It is administered in small injections under the chin. There is swelling of the area that begins post treatment and can last up to two weeks while the fat cells are destroyed by the KYBELLA®. This process is slow but steady as the destruction of these cells is then followed by the body’s natural elimination and healing process.

Treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart, and continue until the patient reaches their desired look. Once the adipose cells are gone, they do not accumulate fat anymore. This is a permanent, nonsurgical option for fat removal. It is FDA-approved for the submental area, but off label use is currently being investigated in areas such as the bra line and abdominal area.

The number of KYBELLA® treatments will differ from patient to patient. Each session is administered at least one month apart, up to six treatments. Call our office for a complimentary consultation to see if you are a KYBELLA® candidate.

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