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Lip Injections in South San Jose, CA

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Best Lip Injections South San Jose CA

Have the signs of aging arrived over the last few years when you look in the mirror? If you aren’t quite ready to be “older,” visit Dr. Grace Kim, MD at ShotDocMD in San Jose. At our clinic, we have lip injections to help your lips look luscious and full again. Lip injections, also known as dermal fillers, augment your appearance to give you the perfect pout and refreshes your appearance. Dr. Grace Kim, MD is a board-certified doctor with years of experience with dermal fillers and lip injections. Visit ShotDocMD today for a consultation to see if lip injections are right for you! The treatments available at our clinic are entirely customizable and will help you reach your goals of having the perfect lips.

What are dermal fillers? How are they used for lip injections at your clinic?

To restore the fullness in treatment areas, in this case your lips, dermal fillers are available to our doctors. By increasing the fullness of your lips, we reduce the fine lines that develop over time. As a result, you will have a more youthful appearance. Today, there are a variety of dermal fillers available for lip injections. Each dermal filler has different properties to fit a variety of different, specific needs.  Your one on one consultation at ShotDocMD will help determine which one is right for you and your aesthetic goals.

After I receive a lip injection, do the dermal fillers need to be removed?

Some people feel silly asking this question. You shouldn’t! It is a common question we answer all the time. Your dermal filler will not need to be removed as it will be absorbed into your body over time. Your body’s natural processes will remove the injection and does not require another procedure to help it along. The amount of time it takes for this to happen depends on the type of lip injection you choose.

How do I know if dermal fillers are right for me?

If you want to eliminate or reduce lines and wrinkles around your mouth, then lip injections with dermal fillers might be right for you. This procedure can also help if your mouth turns down when resting. We can help restore your lips youthful appearance and eliminate nearby wrinkles.

What can I expect when I visit ShotDocMD for a lip injection in San Jose?

Your lip injection procedure will take place in our state of the art clinic. You’ll be treated in a private room by your experienced provider. Before the appointment, you will review with our staff any allergies you may have to make sure there are no unforeseen complications. This review of your medical history will be a big part of your consultation before this appointment.

After the lip injection, you should start to see immediate results. These results are often extended as the injection encourages the production of additional collagen. There should be little if any downtime or recovery time needed after the treatment session. How long your lip injection last depends on many factors, including the type of dermal filler used and your body’s metabolism. This will be discussed during your visit and we will talk about scheduling future appointments to check your treatment to make sure it is achieving your goals.

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