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Male Med Spa Treatments in San Jose, CA

ShotDoc med spa provides a variety of treatments for men. Botox, fillers lip injections, V-12 injections are just some of the services Dr. Kim provides. With 15 years of experience Dr. Kim offers a wealth of knowledge in regards to aesthetics treatments you may be considering. Call us or visit us online to book an appointment with Dr. Kim today!

Male Med Spa Treatments in San Jose, CA

Why should a man consider med spa treatments?

Med spa treatments are not just for women anymore. Men can and do benefit from the benefits of visiting a med spa and many of those who do visit med spas are men looking to stay relevant and competitive at their places of work. Men anywhere between the ages of 20 up to the age of 70 are benefiting from med spas and their revolutionary treatments to help fight the signs of aging and have them looking and feeling their best!

Some of the most popular med spa treatments with men are Botox and other facial fillers, although Kybella is also proving to be popular as it treats the double chin – which can affect both men and women. But facials and other facial treatments are becoming more popular among men looking to feel better about themselves and improve their looks and self-esteem.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a treatment which is used to improve both the appearance and profile of submental fat – which is more commonly known as a double chin in moderate to severe cases. Kybella is also known as either deoxycholic acid or cholanoic acid and is approved by the FDA in the United States specifically for treating the fat beneath the chin. With a Kybella injection, the acid involved in the treatment helps with the destruction of the fat cells there, which reduces the appearance of a double chin.

Kybella is considered to be a very safe and minimally invasive alternative to more invasive options such as liposuction or surgery for the treatment of double chin fat. It is typically recommended for adults who have moderate to severe issues with the fat underneath their chin.

What is the average cost of a Kybella treatment?

Given that Kybella is a cosmetic procedure, it will not be covered by your insurance. That being said, the average cost of a single Kybella treatment can end up between $1,200 and $1,800. The total cost of your treatment with Kybella will be determined by the number of treatments you require to achieve the results you desire, what your provider’s fees are, and where you are located within the United States.

If you have any questions about the cost of Kybella treatments, speak with your provider who will be able to answer your questions – although you will likely need to book a consultation to be able to get a more accurate estimation of what the cost of treatment will be.

What facial fillers do you offer at ShotDoc MD?

For many men, treating the wrinkles and fine lines of the face can help improve their self-esteem and help them maintain their edge. We at ShotDocMD are proud to offer a variety of facial fillers, including Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Volbella, and Voluma to our patients both in and around the San Jose area.

Facial fillers are a great option and alternative for those who are looking to restore volume and fullness to their face while, at the same time, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are an excellent option that is minimally invasive and with few or mild potential side-effects. They are particularly popular with those looking to rejuvenate their appearance, as they offer subtle and natural-looking results to patients.

For those looking for premiere med spa services in the San Jose area, we at ShotDocMD are proud to serve you. Dr. Kim has 15 years of experience in the injectable industry and can make you look and feel your best! Book your consultation or appointment with us now, either online via our website, or by giving us a call.

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